Creative Portfolio


Hello! I am Jeslaine M. Ombajin
— Marketing Graphic Designer

I specialize in creating captivating graphic designs to elevate businesses’ online presence and marketing campaigns.


With a Marketing Management degree and 3 years of experience in the industry, I understand the vital role of graphic design in effective marketing. By bringing ideas to life, attracting potential customers strategically, and establishing a memorable brand identity, I help businesses stand out.


As a creative individual, I have transformed my passion for traditional art into digital skills, mastering industry-standard design software and staying updated with design fundamentals and trends. I am fully equipped to support businesses in creating successful campaigns. Let’s collaborate and make your brand shine online!


What I can do

Social Media Graphics

Bringing your brand's story to life through captivating graphic designs. Crafted to deeply connect with your target audience while maintaining a consistent visual identity across social media platforms.

Logo Design and Visual Branding

Crafting compelling logos that reflect your brand's unique identity. Merging artistry and strategy to communicate essence, values, and personality, empowering lasting impact in a competitive landscape.

Printables and Event Collaterals

Designing various printables like invitations, posters, and other promotional materials. Creating event collaterals, including programs and LED display presentations, to enhance the visual experience while aligning with the event's theme and guidelines.

Empowering Brands through Design.

Helping brands grow, attract, and engage with their target audience through creative solutions that align with their goals